Welcome to Corel WordPerfect Lightning

Corel® WordPerfect® Lightning™ is a free, downloadable word processor that allows you to create and capture content in a variety of ways. You can use WordPerfect Lightning as a notebook, a project folder, and a document viewer, all in one.

WordPerfect Lightning consists of three tools that allow you to view, capture and create content. The Viewer is a document-viewing application that allows you to open and navigate WordPerfect, Microsoft® Word, and PDF documents. The Notes window allows you to create and reuse content in a note format. To organize your projects, WordPerfect Lightning includes a Navigator window, which allows you to group your documents and notes into project folders.

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  Please note that this documentation describes components that are not available in all versions of Corel WordPerfect Lightning. Unavailable components may include Corel features and third-party services.

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